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End of Line Packing Systems

Neptek supplies a range of semi and fully automatic packing machinery as standalone equipment or integrated with conveyors and other machinery to form a complete end of line packing solution.
End of Line Packing Systems Brochure

Neptek, together with our principles in Europe, are able to supply functional and highly efficient machinery and solutions that have been developed over decades, ensuring optimum performance for our clients packing requirements. Neptek’s principles place a great emphasis on energy efficiency and reducing consumption and waste of packing materials to help protect the earth’s carbon footprint.

De-Palletising Machines

  • Speeds up to 5 layers per minute
  • Magnetic and Vacuum Heads
  • Automatic pallet stacking (optional)
  • Automatic layer pad removal (optional)

Shrink Wrapping Machines

  • Tray/board insertion optional
  • Speeds up to 150 cycles per minute
  • Engineered to be simple, robust and ease of operation/maintenance
  • Highly efficient and versatile machines
  • Fully stainless steel version for the Dairy Industry
  • Energy efficient

Case Packing Machinery

  • Side loaders, Top Loaders and Wrap Around Machines
  • High speed
  • Various carton types
  • Pack glass and PET bottles, cans, sachets, tubes, stock cubes or almost any pack type

Pallet Stretch Hooding and Wrapping Machines

  • Full range of semi and fully automatic machines
  • Represent Premier Tech Chronos on Fully Automatic Stretch Hooding Machines

Weighing and Bagging Machines

Represent Premier Tech Chronos for dosing, weighing and bagging of a wide range of bulk materials.

  • Field proven feeding systems; gravity, belt, screw, vibratory and cone feeder
  • Innovative electronic nett weighing bagging scales and reliable gross weighers
  • Weighing ranges 5kg to 50kg
  • Electronically controlled hopper scales
  • Valve and open mouth semi and fully automatic bagging systems (5-50kg)
  • Form, fill and seal machines for bags from tubular film
  • Big bag filling system
Weighing and Bagging Machines Brochure