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Pallet Conveyor Systems

Neptek design and supplies pallet conveyor systems integrating Empty Pallet Magazines for dispensing single pallets to palletising. Motorised Transfer Cars, Driven Chain & Roller Conveyors, Turn-Tables & Pop-up Chain Cross Transfers for transferring pallets at 90 degrees.

Pallet Conveyor Systems
1. Interroll pallet conveyor modules. Pallet driven roller and chain conveyors, turntable, and pop-up chain transfer

Neptek Pallet Conveyor Systems

Neptek pallet conveyor systems automate the movement of pallets inside a factory or warehouse. The pallet conveyor system is ideally suited to link multiple palletising lines to a centralised take-off location to eliminate the need for unnecessary forklift movement which is dangerous to personal and the machinery. Neptek can easily integrate the pallet conveyor systems with our palletising and pallet wrapping technology to form a complete end of line palletising solution.  

In warehouse and distributions centres the pallet conveyor systems we supply are easily integrated with Pallet Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) and Automatically Guides Vehicles or Autonomous Mobile Robots. By automating the pallet receiving and dispatch processes we eliminate the need for forklifts and other pallet lifting vehicles moving between the storage system which is a potential hazard due to driver negligence.

Pallet Conveyor Equipment included in our solutions include:

  • Chain Driven Pallet Roller Conveyors
  • Multi-Strand Chain Pallet Conveyors
  • Mat-top Chain Pallet Conveyors
  • Pallet Transfer Cars
  • Driven Pallet Turn Tables
  • 90° Pop-up Pallet Chain Cross Transfer Units
  • Pallet Decanting Stations (Tilt Table)
  • Pallet Vertical Lifts
  • Automatic Pallet Dispensing Magazines
  • Automatic Pallet Stacking Magazines
  • AGV and AMR Technology


  • Eliminate repetitive forklift movement saving fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Prevent damage by forklift to packing and palletising machinery.
  • Prevent damage by forklift or other pallet lifting vehicles inside the storage area of a warehouse or distribution centre.
  • Automatic buffering or accumulation of pallets reduces double handling by forklifts.
  • Traceability of pallets.
  • Automatic discharge of pallets from palletising stations.
  • Automatic feeding and discharge of pallets to pallet strapping, wrapping or hooding machines.
  • Automatic pallet labelling possible.
  • Improved efficiency not having to wait for a forklift or lifting vehicle to collect the pallets so frequently.