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Palletising Systems

Neptek offer a range of Palletising Solutions incorporating end of line wrapping and labelling of pallets.

Palletising Systems Brochure

Robotic Palletising

Represent FUJI for Robotic Palletising Solutions, with over 15,000 palletizing robots installed worldwide, Fuji is unmatched in palletising technology. Fuji developed the first robot for palletising in 1982 and has been improving on them ever since.

  • High Speed
  • Flexible
  • Various proven gripper head technology to handle most pack types
  • Easy to program and operate
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Full after-sales support

Layer Palletising

  • Represent Premier Tech Chronos for layer palletising machines
  • High throughput (up to 4000 cycles per hour)
  • Easy to program
  • Server-driven motors
  • Low maintenance cost

Compact Palletising

  • Represent Oli for compact palletising machines
  • Single, multi and central station solutions
  • Small palletising footprint for compact spaces
  • Overlapping of bags possible on the Premier Tech Chronos CPL

Stretch Hood Machines

  • Represent Premier Tech Chronos for Stretch Hood Machines
  • High Speed
  • Watertight and Dust Proof
  • Stable load
  • No film wastage due to overwrapping
  • Presentable