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Palletising Systems

NEPTEK offers a range of robotic and layer palletising solutions incorporating product in-feed conveyors, pallet dispensers, pallet conveyors, automatic pallet wrapping and pallet labelling machines.


Palletising Systems Brochure
Robotic bag palletising system for GWK Farm Foods for 10kg/12.5kg bags of flour using Fuji EC102 palletising robot.

Robotic Palletising Systems

Represent FUJI for Robotic Palletising Solutions, with over 20,000 palletising robots installed worldwide, Fuji is unmatched in palletising technology. Fuji developed the first robot for palletising in 1982 and has been improving on them ever since.

FUJI YUSOKI KOGYO CO LTD was established in 1944 and is a Japan based manufacturer specialising in robotic palletizers. FUJI have more that 60% of the palletising market share in Japan and every year increase their sales volumes globally.

FUJI have a range of robot end effectors to handle virtually any product including bags, boxes, crates, drums, tins amongst many other product types.

Features of the FUJI palletising robot:

  • High Speed. Fastest palletizing robot on the market with speeds up to 1500 bags per hour.
  • Flexible. Easy to make changes to existing pallet stacking patterns and to add new products and stacking patterns.
  • Various proven gripper head technology to handle most pack types. The gripper head is designed and manufactured by FUJI and is therefore seamlessly integrated with the palletising robot.
  • Easy to program and operate. NEPTEK technicians, based in South Africa, can program the robot and the robot is very simple to operate.
  • Low maintenance cost. Lubrication service every six months and a timing belt change once a year.
  • Low power consumption. 3.5KVA to 6.5KVA. Half that of competitor robots.
  • Full after-sales support. NEPTEK trained service technicians based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Spare parts stock holding at our Johannesburg office.

FUJI have three robot models to select from:

  • EC102 – up to 1200 cycles per hour
  • EC171 – up to 1500 cycles per hour
  • EC201 – up to 1800 cycles per hour. EC-201W is heavy duty model with a payload of up to 320kg (includes the end effector)

Together with the FUJI robot NEPTEK designs, supplies, and integrates the conveyor equipment, pick-off station, pallet conveyors, safety fencing and optional inline semi or fully automatic wrapping machine/s to form a complete end of line palletising solution.

In 2018 NEPTEK took over the FUJI PALLETISING ROBOT agency from WESTWEIGH SYSTEMS and continues to support over 35 FUJI robots still in operation in South Africa, some of which are over 15 years of age.

NEPTEK your partner of choice for robotic palletising solutions – OUR SYSTEMS WORK!!!!


  • Easy to change stacking layer configurations.
  • New products to be palletised can be easily added and configured on the robot.
  • Very low maintenance the robot only needs a service every 6 months.
  • High palletising speeds can be achieved.
  • Low energy consumption compared with conventional robots on the market.
  • Various layout configurations to suit the palletising operation.
  • Trained Neptek service technicians and spare parts in stock.

Layer Palletising Solutions

NEPTEK represent Premier Tech Chronos for automatic bag and bale layer palletising machines. Premier Tech bag palletisers are designed to help you reach higher production rates, improve the quality of your pallet loads and reduce employee injuries. These bag palletisers can stack virtually any type of bag and bale of different shapes, sizes and materials. Depending on sizes, stacking patterns and configuration, Premier Tech bag palletisers can handle up to 40 bags per minute with precision, resulting in stable, perfectly square pallet loads. Premier Tech offer both high-level and low-level bag palletizers, to give you more options depending on your budget, the speed you need and the space available in your plant.

For high speed box and tray layer palletising machines NEPTEK partner with preferred European suppliers for this technology. Typical applications are beverage and food producers where shipping cases must be aligned accurately to maximise stacking strength. Modern shelf ready packaging must be handled delicately to maintain its integrity and be presentable to the consumer. The machines for palletising cases and trays are capable of speeds up to 150 packs/minute. The layer palletiser for cases and trays has a high-level infeed, without the need to grip the product which enables more controlled palletising.

Technical Features:

  • High throughput
  • Easy to program
  • Server-driven motors
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet


  • High capacity
  • Excellent operator visibility and access
  • Greater line efficiencies
  • Greater tolerance of “imperfect product”
  • Flexibility for operators to program new patterns
  • Accuracy of locating layers of interlocking product.
  • High level palletisers offer greater accessibility between production lines
  • High financial returns thanks to great flexibility (products and patterns), proven reliability and low cost of maintenance
  • Customised for your application
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Flexible regarding the diversity of products to be palletised
  • Minimal footprint whilst using “free” headroom

Compact Palletising

NEPTEK represent OLI for compact case palletising machines. The OLI palletisers can be used to process a wide variety of packaging types and prepare them for transport.

OLI packaging experts develop completely individual solutions to bring pre-packed products together on pallets: American cases, trays with/without lids, buckets, cans, shrink-wrapped items, etc. – and of course your product.

Flexible solutions even when floor space is limited: With the compact palletiser oli-pal DLS both loading of magazines and full pallet pick discharge are possible from the front side.

  • Single, multi and central station solutions
  • Precise positioning via servo drives
  • Trouble free palletising by sucker or gripper pick-up head
  • Flexible pallet stacking configurations
  • Small palletising footprint for compact spaces


  • Requires little floor space
  • Easily integrated into a new or existing packing line
  • Neat stacking of pallet
  • High efficiency palletising through the automated process
  • Low maintenance

Stretch Hood Machines

For Stretch Hooding Machines NEPTEK partner with a preferred European supplier for this technology.

Stretch hooding technology

Spread evenly over almost all industries, the stretch hooding technology is one of the fastest growing applications when it comes to pallet packaging and pallet stabilization. The stretch hood technology uses the elasticity of tubular plastic film that gets stretched and then released around the pallet load, with no need to heat the film.

Perfect fit for unstable loads

Stretch hood machines ensure great load stability due to the vertical and the transverse forces generated during the stretching/covering phase. Stretch hooding technology is in fact the perfect fit to secure uneven or unstable loads.

Suitable for any load shape or pallet size

It is a completely new packaging concept; the loads are packed much faster using less material; the hood is water proof; the load is safe to be stored outside or to be transported on an open top truck.

Hooding solutions are resourceful. They are designed to be equipped with different film sizes to be able to pack very different pallet formats with only one machine. The stretch hooder will automatically recognize the pallet size and the film to be used with no time loss, granting continuity to your production lines.


The machines are easy to operate, with intuitive touch panels, low maintenance systems, and very short downtimes when it comes to film change.

The look is important. The hooded load will look great. The film stays evenly smooth, fitting like a glove around it. The tubular film can be transparent or personalised with end customised graphics granting very clear display and excellent branding.


The machines are engineered to use only one layer of recyclable material to secure the goods, avoiding any thermal energy requirement, and reducing the overall emissions.


  • Excellent load stability
  • High capacity (up to 280 pallet/hr)
  • Minimal downtime
  • Great branding through a well-presented pallet load
  • Waterproof/weatherproof/UV protected packaging
  • User friendly
  • Different pallet sizes on one machine