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Parcel Handling Systems

NEPTEK supply and integrate a range of materials handling systems for the courier parcel industry.

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Parcel Handling Systems

Parcel Handling Systems

Neptek have supplied materials handling systems to the parcel courier industry throughout South Africa and Africa. Our proven solutions are tailor made for our clients’ operations ensuring parcels move in and out of their facilities efficiently with minimal man handling. The inbound conveyor line brings parcels and flyer bags from the collection vehicles to the processing area where they are weighed, dimensioned and sorted. Flyer bags are sorted into bags or totes per route and along with parcels placed on the outbound conveyor line to be dispatched either by air or road. The sorting of parcels and flyer bags can either be done manually off the conveyor belts or sorted automatically using a sortation conveyor discharging the flyer bags and parcels per route into bins or down chutes. Neptek offers a range of mobile equipment for the sorting and processing of flyer bags and parcels inside the distribution facility. This mobile equipment includes processing tables, workstations, packing and re-packing tables, DOX re-weigh stations, mobile collapsible cages, courier trolleys, self-levelling bins, bag racks, bin racks, mobile de-brief trolleys and plastic tote bins.

Neptek are a preferred material handling systems supplier to both DHL EXPRESS and FEDEX in Sub-Saharan Africa based on the quality systems and excellent after sales service we offer.

The Parcel Handling Systems we offer include:

Our proven technology and integrated solutions can efficiently handle a variety of parcel and container sizes for optimum performance.

ULD Handling Equipment

Neptek supply Castor and Roller Decks for manoeuvring ULD Containers and Pallets typically found at airports. The ULD Castor and Roller Deck equipment Neptek supply are well-engineered and robust using high quality roller and castor wheel components specified as the preferred standard for use at airports globally.

Our ULD Handling Equipment is fabricated from Mild Steel Painted Construction with deck in Galvanised Tread Plate and includes:

  • Roller Decks
  • Castor Decks
  • Scale Decks – Mettler Toledo Load Cells and Terminal Display
  • Crash Barriers
  • Litter Skirting
  • Scissor Lifts


  • Eliminate double handling by automating the inbound, sorting, processing and outbound processes.
  • Neptek flow control software can integrate directly with the clients TMS (Transport Management System)
  • In-line scanning, weighing and dimensioning for accurate measuring of parcels to correctly bill clients.
  • Full traceability of parcels inside the facility.
  • Improved efficiency by been able to process and sort parcels at higher rates.
  • Growth, spare capacity for annual peak periods and new business.
  • Better quality control.
  • Reduce theft.
  • Better ergonomics and operator safety.