Truck Loading Systems

Neptek supply a range of vehicle and truck loading conveyor solutions. These special conveyors reduce the time for loading and unloading of vehicles and trucks. Damage to product normally caused by manual handling can also be eliminated.

The Telescopic Extender Belt Conveyor

The Telescopic Extender Belt Conveyor can be mounted on a rail system for moving between loading bays, mounted on castors or fixed in position. The standard extended length is 16m, retracting to 6m in the closed position.

Loading of pallets into or out of a truck is also possible by means of a Driven Roller or Chain Conveyor System that can accommodate a full truckload at the loading bay and inside the truck. Once the truck docks, it takes a few minutes and the pallets can be unloaded or loaded compared to loading with a forklift, that can take several hours.

Dockless Loading Mobile Belt Loader

This heavy-duty proven product can convey anything from sacks, tyres, to parcels. This highly manoeuvrable machine has proven its versatility throughout the world.
The unique double-hinged action can set the conveyor to the correct vehicle height while allowing the tongue to act independently for high or low loading within the vehicle.

Powered flexible conveyors can be fitted at ground level allowing a seamless transition into or out the vehicle from the sorting station.