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Sortation Systems

Neptek supplies a wide range of Sortation Systems & Solutions for sorting of totes, boxes and parcels in warehouses, distribution centres and parcel handling facilities.

Sortation Systems Brochure

Sortation Systems for E-commerce, Warehouse and Distribution Centres

NEPTEK integrate a wide range of sortation solutions depending on the products to be sorted and the speed at which they need to be sorted. Totes, boxes, parcels and/or flyer bags are introduced onto the inbound conveyor system which merges and inducts onto the sorter line. The totes, boxes, parcels and/or flyer bags are scanned in-line and tracked to their destination spurs, where they are automatically diverted down a chute to be consolidated or loaded directly into a truck.

We supply and integrate the following range of sorter equipment into our sortation systems, depending on the throughput requirement and products to be handled:

  • Pop-up Belt Divert
  • Switch Wheel sorter
  • Rotary Pusher sorter
  • Cross belt sorter (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • IntraloxARB sorter
  • Sliding shoe sorter
  • Tilt Tray sorter
  • Bombay sorter

Included in our sortation systems NEPTEK integrate the following technology:


  • High sorting throughputs possible to cope with peak volumes and future business growth.
  • Traceability of item from induction on the sorter to the destination chute.
  • No mis-sorts resulting in customer claims.
  • Gentle handling and sorting of items.
  • Eliminate double handling during the sorting process.
  • Eliminate inefficiency by not having to have people sort items manually.