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Storage Handling Systems

Neptek offers a wide range of solutions for moving and storing of product in a warehouse or distribution centre.

Neptek is able to interface the automation and devices in the warehouse to the clients WMS (Warehouse Management System) through our own WCS/WES/SCADA software.

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Stoarge Handling Systems

Automatic Storage Systems

Neptek supply a range of Automatic Storage Solutions to automate the put-away, replenishment, storage and picking of items, boxes, totes and pallets.

The shuttle systems we integrate for totes, boxes and pallets are supplied by our logistics technology partner SAVOYE. The X-PTS Shuttle System is a storage and retrieval technology used to transfer products to the picking stations at very high speeds.

The range of automatic storage and retrieval technology we integrate into our warehouse automation solutions includes:

Automated Pallet Storage/Retrieval Shuttle Systems (SAVOYE MAGMATIC)

Magmatic Automated Pallet Storage can be used in many applications:

  • Production environments, to move materials and semi-finished and finished products between the reception, production and shipment zones
  • Distribution Centres.
  • Deep Freeze Stores

Autonomous MAGMATIC vehicles (or VM) that transport pallets

Robust pallet rack to store the pallets and guide the VMs

Simple and reliable Levmatic lifts to move the VMs vertically

All of it directed by the digital control system and optimises vehicle movements and guarantees a high fill rate


COMPACITY – high storage compactness

SURFACE GAIN – Reduction of the surface area required in the shipping area before loading into trailers

FLEXIBILITY – Flexibility and scalability according to the expected rate of production

Automated Tote/Case Picking Shuttle Systems (SAVOYE X-PTS)

X-PTS is a shuttle system for stock/de-stocking lightweight loads. It includes:

  • Shuttles to move horizontally on each level
  • Input and output lifts to move vertically

X-PTS is a high-speed shuttle system, based on SAVOYE’s patented design of dual cradle lifts that can perform cycles in an optimum manner by carrying four loads at once.


CONTINUITY – Aisles divided into several isolated, secure areas to that work can continue without stopping in the adjacent areas

HIGH TEMPO – High speed: capable of achieving a combination of 1100 inputs and outputs per hour

TEMPERATURE – System operating in ambient temperate, refrigerated and freezing environments

COMPACITY – low height of tier step and inter-load differences

DIVERSITY – Single or dual storage format, up to six deep, of shelves than can be compartmentalised into several cells

MIXABLE – Totes, trays and boxes mixable in the same aisle

Goods-To-Person Stations (X-PTS Pick Station)

The X-PTS Pick Station is an ergonomic preparation station, designed to maintain steady rates and meet activity peaks. It can be used at will in different modes and activities: picking, inventory, exclusion, restocking, etc


QUALITY – Very high preparation quality thanks to the one-to-one picking from a single position for a single place container

INTUITIVENESS – Intuitive HMIs that are quick to learn and provide operator comfort

ERGONOMICS – Reduction in biomechanical and posture stress thanks to the sloping containers and easier validations

COMPACITY – low height of tier step and inter-load differences

PERFORMANCE – the high level of performance in order preparation means an increase in reactivity

Buffer sequencer

The buffer sequencer is an autonomous sorting system which can process flows arriving in no particular order, transforming them into a sequence expected by a preparation station or palletising robot. The buffer sequencer consists of an input lift, different storage levels and an output lift.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Efficient, flexible and intelligent “goods to person” order preparation solution. Robots perform all operations between workstations and shelves storing products. AMR technology can be rapidly implemented in all types of warehouses whatever their size and layout.

The robots work in both “put-to-wall” mode, to distribute the same product reference to several packages at the same time, and in ‘package preparation’ mode. The AMR technology is compatible with both X-PTS Pick Station workstations and PUT TO LIGHT break-down cabinets.

Adapted to many applications including e-commerce, retail, fashion, 3PL, industry, healthcare and many more. AMR technology improves operational efficiency and increases storage capacity compared to a traditional preparation solution. Easily scalable, AMR technology makes it easy to add robots, shelves, preparation stations and replenishment stations with minimal disruption to production. Very rapid to implement, AMR technology is the ideal ‘goods to person’ system for companies wishing to take a first step towards robotising their picking process.


AUTONOMOUS AND INTELLIGENT – fully autonomous navigation, handling and recharging  

MULTIPLE PICKING STATIONS – Preparation of one or several packages simultaneously  

MULTI-LOAD CYCLE – Each robot can carry multiple loads simultaneously  

PERFORMANCE – Speed up to 2m/sec

SAFETY – integrated obstacle detection, anti-collision alarm and emergency stop

KING – Quick return on investment

Pick-To-Light, Pick-By-Light and Put-By-Light Systems

The traditional picking method is generally to print out the picking list according to the content ordered by the customers and then hand it to the pickers to find the items on the shelves one by one according to the list.

Besides the instructions on the list the pickers need to rely on their familiarity of where the stock is stored on the shelves. With the traditional process it is difficult to reduce the picking error rate and productivity can be slow. The overall method lacks flexibility in response to changes in the system capacity and the related costs derived from this are high.


The PICK TO LIGHT system uses a set of electronic equipment installed on the shelving, controlled by a PC and software and using LED light and digital displays as auxiliary tools to guide the pickers to correctly, quickly and easily complete the picking jobs. Pick to light systems can flexibly control the picking process and monitor the picking status in real time. It can also reduce picking error rates, increase productivity, avoid the inconvenience and waste of paper work and save on labour costs. The Pick to light system makes the picking processes enjoyable!!!


The pick by light system is mainly used to assist when adopting the order picking strategy: the light module installed on the shelf corresponds to a storage item, and the picker only needs to go to the designated location according to the turn ON light. According to the quantity displayed on the lights display, take the same quantity of goods from the shelf and put it in the carrier corresponding to the customers order and push the confirmation button. Based on this operation flow the pickers can completely rely on the operation instructions of the light modules to guide them to complete the picking operation.


The put by light system is mainly used to assist in the secondary sorting when adopting the batch picking strategy. Each light module installed on the shelf corresponds to one customer, and the pickers will scan the items barcode and then according to the instructions of the light module and display quantity, take the same quantity of goods and sort into the carton or tote corresponding to the ordering customer.