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Truck Loading Conveyor Systems

Neptek supply a range of vehicle and truck loading conveyor systems and solutions. These special conveyors reduce the time for loading and unloading of vehicles and trucks. Damage to products normally caused by manual handling can also be eliminated.

Truck Loading Systems Brochure
Truck Loading Conveyor Systems

Telescopic Extender Belt Truck Loading Conveyor

The Telescopic Conveyor is a high specification loading conveyor. Suitable to handle almost any product and designed to achieve high throughputs. This product can be installed on a loading dock or a ground level when a high-level chassis and incline conveyor tail are incorporated. The Telescopic Conveyor can operate independently or interface with fixed and flexible conveyors.

The unit can be mounted on a rail system or mounted on castors to move between loading docks. The standard extended length is 16m, retracting to 6m in the closed position but longer and shorter lengths are possible.


  • Simplified handling into or out of the vehicle.
  • Shorter vehicle turnaround time.
  • Improved personal safety and better ergonomics.
  • Reduce the amount of personal during loading and un-loading.
  • No double handling of items inside the vehicle.

Dockless Loading Mobile Belt Loader

This heavy-duty proven product can convey anything from sacks, tyres to parcels. This highly manoeuvrable machine has proven its versatility throughout the world.
The unique double-hinged action can set the conveyor to the correct vehicle height while allowing the tongue to act independently for high or low loading within the vehicle.

Powered flexible conveyors can be fitted at ground level allowing a seamless transition into or out of the vehicle from the sorting station.

Powered Flexible Truck Loading Conveyor

This has become the product of choice for nearly all parcel handlers. This versatile machine can interface with belt loaders or be pulled directly into the back of a vehicle to be loaded.

The product requires no installation team and can be reconfigured easily. It comes with forward and reverse modes as well as speed control on all standard models. Gravity skatewheel and gravity roller conveyors are also available.