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Twiga Conveyor System

Twiga Conveyor Systems Installation

May 2021 – Nairobi KENYA – NEPTEK supply two conveyor lines each with a telescopic truck off-loading belt conveyor, in-line scanner, auto-reject system and in-line belt scale for the receiving process of crates of bananas. Once weighed NEPTEK also supplied for each line an incline belt conveyor to feed a raised platform with a pallet lift system for palletising of the crates to be put into storage. The conveyor system is completely reversible and can also function for the dispatch process. NEPTEK also supplied semi-auto pallet wrappers as part of the system.

The automated conveyor system NEPTEK supplied will ensure that TWIGA’s banana receiving and dispatch processes are streamlined. The system will radically reduce the processing time for this operation saving TWIGA time and money.

Twiga - Conveyor System by Neptek