Neptek provide a comprehensive range of services to design, implement and support the materials handling equipment and solutions we offer.


Defining your requirements

The most important aspect of automation is a well-engineered solution that is functional, practical and highly efficient.

This makes the auditing service that Neptek offers imperative if you are serious about streamlining your operation. We will carry out a full audit of your facility and from this identify any issues in the process and materials flow. Once we have carried out an assessment our engineering team will then analyse all the data and design a solution tailored around your requirements.


To engineering principles

After undertaking an audit of your requirements, Neptek will design a solution to optimise the materials flow in your facility.

Our team will examine where the unnecessary handling and bottlenecks in the process are, what is causing them and how to eliminate them. We then base our design around balancing and streamlining the materials flow where possible.

NEPTEK use the latest 3D design software that gives us the ability to work more efficiently, allowing us to resolve complex design challenges in less time.


Detailed design & functional specification

On the sign off of the designed solution NEPTEK move into the detailed design, planning and implementation phase of the project. In this phase NEPTEK will compile the detailed design and functional specifications for approval by the client and then procure the equipment and services from preferred suppliers and contractors.

NEPTEK will then manage the equipment suppliers and contractors through the life cycle of the project from implementation to acceptance testing, handover and training,  liaising and communicating with the client at all times.


Plant Relocation

From start to finish

Neptek has the knowledge and experience base to relocate or move existing plants working together and organising the contractors and liaising with the client at all times to ensure a smooth transition process.

  • Planning and coordinating
  • De-commissioning/identifying and marking of cables/wiring/piping to be disconnected for reconnection at new site
  • Supervision of riggers and contractors
  • Transport
  • Services to the machines


There when you need us the most

Neptek guarantees the machinery and systems supplied by us can be fully supported by our trained, professional service team. We will undertake the following:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Routine inspection and servicing of equipment
  • Callouts
  • Fault finding
  • Improvements
  • Routing inspection and servicing of equipment (mechanical. electrical and control)
  • Critical spare parts

NEPTEK employ trained technicians to support Weighing Scales and Controllers, Premier Tech Chronos OML Auto Bagging Machines and Fuji-Ace Palletising Robots.

Spare Parts

Critical spare parts availability

Neptek supply a wide range of original spare parts to support the machinery and conveyor equipment we supply.

  • General Conveyors Spares (Drives, Rollers, Drive Bands, Drive Spools, Bearings, Belting and Machined Pulleys)
  • Interroll/Portec Powered Belt Curve Spares (Drives, Curved Belts, Pulleys, Wear Strips and Bearings)
  • Ambaflex Spiral and Conveyor Spares (Drives, Slats, Chains, Wear Strips, Bearings and Drive Shafts)
  • Weighing Controller Spares and Upgrades (Premier Tech Chronos previously Chronos Richardson)
  • Premier Tech Chronos Auto Bagging Machine Critical Spares
  • Fuji-Ace Robot and Gripper Critical Spares
  • General Engineering Spares (On client specification)

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