Sortation Systems

Neptek supply a wide range of Sorter Solutions for sorting of totes, boxes and parcels in warehouses, distribution centres and parcel handling facilities.

Solutions Brochure

Totes, boxes or parcels are introduced onto the conveyor system which merges onto the sorter line. The totes, boxes or parcels are scanned in-line and tracked to their destination spurs, where they are automatically diverted down a chute to be consolidated or loaded directly into a truck. We supply and integrate the following range of sorter equipment into our conveyor systems, depending on the throughput requirement:

  • Swivel Wheel sorter
  • Pusher sorter
  • Narrow belt sorter
  • Cross belt sorter
  • Intralox ARB sorter
  • Sliding shoe sorter
  • Tilt Tray sorter
  • Bombay sorter