Neptek provides a comprehensive range of services

Offering our clients a single point of contact


After undertaking an audit of our client’s requirements, Neptek can design a new solution or alter the current design to optimise the flow of material handling.


The most important aspect of automation is a well-engineered solution that is functional, practical and highly efficient.


On the sign off of the designed solution, NEPTEK moves into the detailed design, planning and implementation phase of the project.

Project Management

Project management differs from conventional management in that managing a project is more limited and narrowly focused than managing an enterprise or small department within an organisation.

Upgrades & Refurbishments

Neptek's engineering team will assess and evaluate your current plant and machinery and undertake to modify, upgrade or refurbish this equipment.

Plant Relocation

Neptek has the knowledge and experience base to relocate or move existing plants working together and organising the contractors and liaising with the client at all times to ensure a smooth transition process.


Neptek guarantees that any equipment or systems supplied into the market can be fully supported and serviced by us, through service and maintenance contracts.

Spare Parts

Neptek supply a wide range of well-engineered original spares parts to meet our client's requirements.

Neptek in the news

Interroll Interview: joining forces to win deal

Neptek and TBWB joined forces and worked together to win a major project, showcasing our ability to work in partnerships to deliver projects that are considerable in scope.

About Us

Neptek specialises in the supply of materials handling systems, focusing on conveyor and packing lines. Neptek has a core competent team of engineers and partners providing innovative, functional, reliable and efficient solutions. Neptek design, manufacture and supply a standard and specialised range of conveyor equipment. Neptek represents a number of leading European manufacturers for high-end packing, palletising and wrapping machinery as standalone equipment or integrated to form a complete packing line.

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