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Neptek has strategic partners that allow us to offer our clients a single point of contact for complete end of line and intralogistics automated materials handling solutions.

Neptek Partners

Our Great Partners include:

Partner - Premier Tech

Partner - Premier Tech Chronos

Offers complete bag packaging solutions including weighing and feeding, bagging, valve bag packing, palletising and load securing equipment, for a wide range of materials in various industries: pet food, food, growing media, minerals (loose), feed, seeds and crops, forestry, chemicals, insulation, etc.

Partner - Fuji Robotics

Partner - Fuji Robotics

With over 15,000 palletising robots installed worldwide, Fuji is unmatched in palletising technology. Fuji developed the first robot for palletising in 1982 and has been improving on them ever since.

When you work with Fuji, you receive all the benefits of the Fuji Advantage. Our team will work with you from design to install and support your operation for the life of the system.

Whether you are a large or small manufacturer, in food processing, milling, or cement production, Fuji will design the best layout to ease your end-of-line worries.

Partner - Unilec SA

Partner - Unilec SA

Is an electrical and control company that specialises in the automation of industrial production and distribution systems.

Partner - Systomat

Partner - Systomat

Is a specialist in the supply of materials handling systems and a Level 2 BBBEE certified company.

Partner - JEHMLICH

Partner - JEHMLICH

Established in 1919, JEHMLICH is a customised solutions specialist for industrial milling in the chemical, pharma, food, plastics and commodities industries. With Jehmlich’s engineering and modern manufacturing facility they deliver customised, cGMP-compliant fine grinding plants, special industrial mills, pre-grinding plants, crushers and units for homogenising and separating in compact and industrial scale.

Partner - SAVOYE

NEPTEK have partnered with SAVOYE, a specialist in supply chain solutions through their advanced software and technology. SAVOYE is part of the NOBLELIFT Group since 2018.

NEPTEK will be focusing on the following solutions from SAVOYE

  • ODATIO Warehouse and Transport Management Software. WMS and TMS
    ODATIO is a user-friendly cloud-based intelligent software solution that is modular, flexible and scalable.
  • X-PTS Shuttle System for stocking and de-stocking lightweight loads. It comprises:
    shuttles to move horizontally on each level
    input and output lifts to move vertically.
    X-PTS is a high-speed shuttle system, based on our patented design of dual cradle lifts that can perform cycles in an optimum manner by carrying four loads at once.
  • X-PTS Goods to Person Stations
    X-PTS Pick Station
    The X-PTS Pick Station is an ergonomic preparation station, designed to maintain steady rates and meet activity peaks. It can be used at will in different modes and activities: picking, inventory, exclusion, restocking, etc.
  • INTELIS Plug and Play Conveyors
    Plug & play conveyor modules for fast deployment and ease of re-use in new configurations
    Control architecture to adapt the behaviour of volumes to the volume of activity: acceleration, stoppage, accumulation, etc.
    Start & stop operation to minimise the energy consumption of the installation
    100% electrical energy, guaranteeing a quiet work environment for the operators
  • JIVARO Packing Machines
    JIVARO and E-JIVARO are closing machines which adapt the height of packages to the volume of products inside, in order to dispatch the smallest volume possible to the customer.
    JIVARO and E-JIVARO are a solid and efficient answer to the issue of cost/volume shipped and to the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions.
    JIVARO and E-JIVARO also ensure secure shipping and entirely automated closing of boxes.

Partner - European Conveyors

Distributor of Quality European Conveyor Modules to the South African Market.

European Conveyors & Components is a subsidiary of Noronite Pty Ltd and is privately owned by Andrew Cooper and his partner Claudette Bicknell. Formed in 2014 Noronite Pty Ltd is a holding company for both European Conveyors & Components and Glen Eden Farm based in the Western Cape, South Africa. Both companies are managed and operated by Mr Cooper and Miss Bricknell.

Andy Cooper has over 20 years’ experience in material handling and has a proven track record throughout Europe and Asia. As a former director and shareholder of the largest UK based conveyor manufacturer, Conveyor Units Ltd Andy has built a vast knowledge of sorting and conveying systems.
ECC has partnered with Europe’s lead conveyor and component manufactures and has South African sole distribution agreements in place with the following companies.

Conveyor Units
Established in 1963 Conveyor Units are without doubt the largest UK based conveyor manufacturer. Offering no mechanical or electrical installation CU support systems integrators worldwide with highly configurable conveyor hardware.

Bridge Bearings
Sister company to Conveyor Units Ltd and part of the Bridge Group of Companies, Bridge Bearings has been supplying quality conveyor components and roller bearings worldwide since 1958.

Please note – Andy Cooper was a shareholder and Director of the Bridge Group of Companies which is the holding company for both Conveyor Units Ltd and Bridge Bearings Ltd. Conveyor Units is an important part of ECC’s strategy moving forward and shall be a trusted partner now and in the future.

Newland Conveyors
Established in 1962 Newland are a market leader in the supply of heavy-duty vehicle loading conveyors. With a reputation for high class engineering and superior build quality Newland have been unloading vehicles for over 55 years.

Partner - BIZERBA

Bizerba, the market-leading supplier of solutions for weighing technology, slicers and price labelling devices, established its subsidiary in South Africa in 2014.

The theme of “fresh produce” is particularly important in South African trade and amongst consumers. This raises the bar for modern weighing and cutting devices, and at the same time for industrial food processing.

Bizerba serves the market with its own representatives in the areas of sales and marketing, and also relies on collaborations with local partners. This guarantees comprehensive customer support. Along with PC scales and slicers for traders, the themes of check weighing, inspection and price labelling are the main focus in the area of food production and packaging. Bizerba is thus addressing globally applicable requirements with regard to food safety, consumer information and production efficiency.

Partner - DÜCKER

The name Dücker, stands for more than 165 years of innovation, tradition, and quality Made in Germany.

As one of the market leaders in the field of conveyor technology and internal logistics for the corrugated-board industry, Dücker are active all over the world: there quality convinces customers on all five continents.

Partner - DÜCKER Conveyor Systems

Dücker have many years of experience in the corrugated board industry.

Dücker supply fully automatic conveyor systems from the Corrugator to the intermediate storage and the converting machines through to palletising and finished goods storage.

The materials flow on the conveyor system is controlled by PLC and ASCOR software which is fully integrated with the machinery and plant.

Partner - DÜCKER Corrpal

By acquiring Corrpal and the establishment of DÜCKER CORRPAL in Ystad, Sweden, in 1999, Dücker have expanded their range to include palletisers and separators. The production of palletisers and separators is carried out in Sweden with all know-how within the same building.

To cover the rising demand for safe sheets and to ensure simple handling of the bundles, DÜCKER CORRPAL has developed the completely motorised separator with highly intelligent drives. Handling the bundles carefully is becoming more and more important as the demand for high-quality print as well as usage of lower grammage is continuously increasing.

Partner - DÜCKER Prefeeder

Dücker have developed and manufacture high speed Prefeeder machines capable of handling a range of board sizes.

These machines are built in their factory in The Netherlands and integrated with printing converting machines around the globe.

Partner - DÜCKER Robotics

In 2012, Dücker Robotics was integrated within the Dücker Group of companies as a specialist in the field of robot integration in various automated industries.

The robotic systems for palletising and the Prefeeder are manufactured at Dücker’s factory in Italy and integrate with the conveyor technology making Dücker a full-service provider in the field of conveying technology.

The range of services in the field of separators offers solutions for top as well as bottom printers. The robot systems are offered for flexographic folding and adhesive lines up to a width of 3,000 mm and for die-cutter lines up to a width of 2,100 mm.

Robot palletisers for multi-spot adhesive lines as well as flexographic folding and adhesive lines are offered in the field of palletising. The robot palletisers for stamping lines can cover widths of up to 2,800 mm.

Partner - Oli

Packaging machines from oli:

sorting – packaging – palletising

As a leading manufacturer of packaging machines in Germany and as a specialist for palletising, cardboard packaging, tray packaging and customised packaging, oli have set themselves the objective of consistently finding the optimal packaging solution for their customers.

oli serves virtually all branches of industry:

  • Pharmaceutical | Cosmetics Industries
  • Food Industry
  • Non-Food Industry

oli machines can be used for bottles, folded boxes, bags, products in blister packaging, canisters and, of course,
your product.

Partner - Zambelli

Zambelli build robust, simple and hyper-customized packaging machinery.

They are committed to helping their customers manage different production flows, simplifying the processes and handling of their products, using the most effective technologies available on the market.

The Zambelli method is unique packaging machines which are custom designed and easily integrated with the other machines in the production line.
Zambelli’s speciality lies in high-speed overwrap and shrink-wrapping machines with or without board and tray insertion.