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Inspection Systems

Neptek supplies and fully integrates the latest inspection technology into our systems. Capable of scanning, weighing, measuring, imaging and inspecting as the product is conveyed at high speeds through the system.
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Inspection Systems - Vaccine Packing Line for Biovac in Cape Town

We offer automated inspection systems that will meet your most challenging needs.

In the packaging and food manufacturing sectors NEPTEK supply in-line metal detection, X-ray and check weighing solutions as part of our inspection systems to meet international food safety standards. In distribution centres and for parcel express facilities NEPTEK offers a range of scanning, volumising, camera recognition and weighing solutions with high read rates, accuracy and reliability. NEPTEK only use technology from the industry leaders such as Bizerba, SICK, Data Logic, Viatronics, Cognex and Mettler Toledo.

  • High-speed counting, weigh filling and check weighing machines
  • Wide weighing ranges
  • Simple operation, quick changeover and easy cleaning
  • 1D and 2D bar code scanning
  • Optical camera recognition
  • Volumising (Dimensioning)
  • Check weighing belt scales
  • Metal detection systems
  • X-Ray machines
  • Static DWS (Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning)
  • Automated reject systems
  • Simple operation, quick changeover and easy cleaning

The inspection systems NEPTEK supply covers a wide range of product shapes, sizes, loads and throughputs at high accuracies.


  • Ensure that no defective product is sent out into the marketplace.
  • Quality assurance by automatically inspecting every product.
  • Correct billing by accurately measuring exact weights and dimensions.
  • High speeds achievable through the automated inspection process.
  • Accurate recording of bar codes, dimensions, weights and images of each product.
  • Easily integrated into an existing or new conveyor system.
  • Prevent theft or inaccurately packed boxes or parcels which can be detected by weight against a look-up table.