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Warehouse Automation

Neptek has supplied warehouse automation systems to Airports, E-Commerce, Parcel Express, Parts Distribution, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Clothing and Retail.

Focusing on automated storage/retrieval systems, picking systems, conveyor systems, scanning, weighing/ dimensioning and sortation systems.

Warehouse Automation Brochure

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

NEPTEK together with SAVOYE and FORTE SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS (local implementation partner) offer fully integrated WMS Solutions.

SAVOYE Warehouse management system: manage your logistics process from end to end.
Control your flows, manage your stock and optimise your productivity.

SAVOYE WMS (Warehouse Management System) solutions allow you to manage and optimise all your distribution platform’s logistics processes, however simple or complex, automated or manual. SAVOYE offer extensive functional coverage, the result of more than 30 years’ experience of managing warehouses and supporting their customers, in various distribution, logistics service provision and industrial sectors.
SAVOYE WMS solutions provide a comprehensive, real time view of your stock while optimizing your warehouse’s space and organization. They offer a wide range of processes guaranteeing the optimization, reliability and speed of your order preparation, thereby fulfilling the ever shorter delivery time commitment that you have made to your customers. They will help you control your logistics costs, manage your resources and ensure that you are agile when faced with changes.

What Matters

SaaS or On Premises

Available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution with the associated Cloud or On-Premises type services.

Look and feel

Complete standard functional coverage, the result of SAVOYE supporting their clients for many years, both large and small, in all sectors.

A comprehensive view

Total traceability of logistics flows and goods, cost control and resource management.


Take control of your supply chain!

WMS native cloud deployment with broad functional coverage, ODATiO® is a smart and modular solution, which comprises embedded WMS and TMS in the same application. Whatever your constraints, its scalable and innovative format has been designed to boost the flexibility and efficiency of your business and, therefore, to support you in all your challenges.

WMS/TMS: the criteria for choosing the right solution

A real boost in the race to become ever more competitive, logistics plays an essential role in both performance and the company’s brand image. Eager to increase productivity and the service rate of their warehouse, in addition to their transport budget, many stakeholders are opting for a WMS (Warehouse Management System) and a TMS (Transportation Management System), to manage logistics flows, from acceptance to shipping of goods and to have comprehensive oversight of their activity.

Even if they have different levels of maturity, the choice of WMS and TMS solutions is a strategic challenge for companies. You must also bear in mind that this type of project represents a significant investment both in terms of finance and time, so there must be a guaranteed return on investment.

SAVOYE, when consulting with their customers, have noticed that selecting such a tool is often based on criteria to do with the product’s features, the characteristics of the solution under review and the profile of the supplier, its experience and size.

ODATiO Experience Brochure

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

NEPTEK partner with SAVOYE for WES Integrated Software.

Control your automated and robotic equipment in real-time

For a successful project, it is essential that you choose powerful software that is natively designed to manage automated and robotic systems.

Capable of synchronizing and simultaneously controlling different equipment in real time, our WES assists you in achieving your targets in terms of responsiveness and performance. Multi-functional, it enables you to maximize the productivity of your resources while deciding on the next orders to be launched as a priority. By reallocating stock dynamically based on multi-criteria strategies, our WES optimizes storage and makes your inventory more accurate.

Thanks to real-time monitoring and visibility, our WES solution monitors the overall activities in the processing zones, anticipates any maintenance requirements and alerts and proposes solutions in the event of a discrepancy.

At the heart of the intelligence of your robotic solutions

Item and case picking

Person-to-goods, pick-to-light, goods-to-person and goods-to-robot processes.

Storage and replenishment

Automated storage for pallets, boxes and trays.

Item and package sorting

High-speed sorting systems.

More than just automation... Intelligence

SAVOYE IMPULSiO maximizes the use of your automated system by ensuring the reliability of intra-logistics operations, the performance of processes and optimized use of your resources. Built as a modular solution that adapts to your requirements, SAVOYE IMPULSiO allocates tasks based on availability, offering you greater speed.

Warehouse Control System (WCS)

Real-time management and supervision of your automated system

A comprehensive and modular system depending on the automated and robotic systems selected, our WCS (Warehouse Control System) WCS manages and supervises all scheduling, synchronization and routing operations for your intra-logistics flows.

Standard uses


Management of retail picking stations, comprehensive picking and palletization buffer solutions.


Management of station picking systems and mobile picking assistance robots.

Pallet storage

Comprehensive control of automated storage systems for heavy loads.


Scheduling and synchronization of automated flows

Directly interfaced with the WMS, WCS ensures both the optimal use of your equipment and the prioritization of urgent orders according to carrier departure constraints and the real-time status of the installation. The WCS optimizes the sequencing of priority orders to be picked, executes picking and replenishment orders and balances the workload in real-time between your different equipment. WCS deals with all operations involving packets: routing, sorting, labelling, submission of documents, weight and statistical control, packaging.


Connection to all kinds of technologies

At the heart of the automated system, WCS prioritizes activities depending on the priority and status constraints of the system. In charge of controlling storage systems (shuttles, robots, stacker cranes), it constantly feeds your picking, palletisation and replenishment stations.


Real-time supervision

Via its supervision module, the WCS offers a comprehensive overview of your system. Monitoring of activities and ongoing assignments: you’ll have a comprehensive overview of the installation, each zone of the warehouse and each piece of equipment. You’ll have direct access to the stock status of the automated storage systems. And above all, you’ll be able to directly analyse the performance of the system using a suite of predefined key indicators.

Power your daily activity with WCS


Reduced overall picking time

Multi-process management

Simultaneous management of person-to-goods and goods-to-person picking processes


Reduction in errors and improved service


Real-time monitoring of production progress

Constant optimization

Adapted management depending on the expected performance


An application that makes it possible to gradually add equipment and features

Automated Vehicle Loading & Unloading

NEPTEK supplies and integrates specialised conveyor technology to facilitate the loading and un-loading of vehicles at the receiving and dispatch bays of a warehouse or distribution centre.

Telescopic extender belt conveyors, dock-less loading mobile conveyors or powered flexible roller conveyors integrated with our conveyor or sortation technology.

At the receiving and dispatch bays we can integrate dock or dock-less vehicle telescopic and flexible conveyors to intelligent conveyor systems, with automated scanning, dimensioning and weighing, rapidly speeding up the unloading or loading process times.

Features and Benefits

  • Simplified handling into or out of the vehicle.
  • Shorter vehicle turnaround time.
  • Improved personal safety and better ergonomics.
  • Reduce the amount of personal during loading and un-loading.
  • No double handling of items inside the vehicle.
  • Reduce damages.

Automated Conveyor Technology

NEPTEK specialise in automated conveyor systems between operational processes inside a distribution warehouse or order fulfilment centre to improve overall system efficiency and performance.

Whatever your requirement NEPTEK have the conveyor solution for you. We can move light loads such a polybags and parcels, medium loads such as tote bins and boxes, and heavy loads such as full pallets.

Our conveyor solutions streamline the receiving, decanting, replenishment, picking, consolidation, fulfilment, packing, sorting and dispatch processes.

The types of conveyor technology we integrate:

  • Gravity roller conveyors
  • Powered roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Incline/decline belt conveyors
  • Reciprocating conveyor lifts
  • Spiral conveyors
  • Roller and belt merges
  • Switch wheel and pop-up cross transfer diverts
  • Pallet roller and chain conveyors
  • Pallet transfer cars
  • Pallet turntables and chain cross transfer units
  • Pallet decanting tilt tables

Our conveyor systems are modular in design and can be integrated with our scanning, weighing and dimensioning stations, ASRS technology, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automatic sortation systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic zero pressure and die back accumulation for improved materials flow.
  • Seamless merging and diverting of product without any jams.
  • Quiet.
  • Fast.
  • Energy efficient. Conveyors only run when product is on them.
  • Low maintenance.
  • CE Rated or equivalent safety standards.
  • ISO certified or equivalent.
  • Spare parts readily available.
  • Full after sales support.

Automated Picking

Combine efficiency and ergonomics to satisfy performance requirements.

Why automate your picking operations?

Order preparation is the core process for distribution centres, which has been characterised for many years by ever increasing operational complexity. A more urgent need for responsiveness, the fragmentation of orders, dedicated processes for each sales channel: the need to improve productivity has intensified. And against a background where the recruitment of teams is complex, automation has become absolutely vital, and the well-being of operators has established itself as a major concern. Preparation errors may be costly for your company, both in terms of materials and customer satisfaction.

This is why we are committed to designing products that combine performance with ergonomics. Focusing on efficient ways of working, offering simple operations, minimising the margin for error, creating a suitable working environment are the key principles that guide us. We offer you picking solutions that combine working comfort with the quality of order preparation operations, with the constant aim of achieving an optimum level of productivity.

Our range offers you a wide choice of systems, from the simplest to the most highly automated: our solutions are tailored to your needs, your situation and your aims.


Goods-to-person preparation

Synchronization of parcels at operator stations with the products to be picked.

Pick-and-pack preparation

The process of person-to-goods picking by the parcel or a set of parcels.

Pick-then-pack preparation

The process of picking products before allocating them using units or high-speed sorters.


A high-performance goods-to-person station

Benefiting from a completely operator-focused design, our X-PTS® Pick Station preparation station allows you to achieve speeds of above 600 lines per hour based on the one-to-one principle – one source container for one destination container. Ease of use, operational efficiency, low physical stress, maximum productivity: X-PTS® Pick Station has everything it takes to be your future ally in dealing with the challenges of growth and peaks in activity.

X-PTS Pick Station:

Increased productivity and optimised comfort at work.

Goods-to-person picking station:

A perfect combination of performance/ergonomics
The X-PTS® Pick Station can be used in different modes and for different activities (picking, inventory, etc.) and is an ergonomic picking station, designed to withstand high speeds and adapt to busy periods.

SAVOYE have chosen to place people at the heart of the goods-to person process and the overall design of our X-PTS® Pick Station. With a stated goal to maximize the comfort of your operators, favouring correct and efficient postures, while reducing the effect of stresses that generate fatigue.


Very high-quality thanks to the “1 to 1” principle

With a single picking location and a singly drop-off location, the margin for error when picking is significantly reduced. No more chances of picking products into the wrong package. Your operators only have to focus on picking the displayed quantity and contribute to maximizing the service rate of your business.


High productivity for increased responsiveness

On average, and under real-life conditions, the X-PTS® Pick Station can reach speeds of between 300 and 700 lines per hour, depending on the number of items per line and the use of any special operations (bagging, labelling, weighing). Beyond a quicker return on investment, you will also benefit from highly responsive order picking, to produce as close as possible to cut-off times and improve your logistics performance.


Reduced bio-mechanical and posture stress

Repetitive operations such as picking, dropping off and validating are all carried out at hip level. Product trays and packages are ideally tilted to minimize exertion of the upper limbs. Touch buttons and screens and additional lighting make day-to-day work easier. Everything was considered to ensure your operators work in the best possible conditions.


Reduced bio-mechanical and posture stress

Repetitive operations such as picking, dropping off and validating are all carried out at hip level. Product trays and packages are ideally tilted to minimize exertion of the upper limbs. Touch buttons and screens and additional lighting make day-to-day work easier. Everything was considered to ensure your operators work in the best possible conditions.


For optimised order picking

Sequencing at the picking station is required when certain products have to be picked before others. For example, heavy or bulky products before light or fragile products, to prevent the operator from packing the items improperly. Sequencing may be performed by the upstream storage system, or via a dedicated piece of equipment, such as the Buffer-Sequencer, capable of transforming products that arrive in no particular order into sequenced flows.

Pick to light system

The traditional picking method is generally to print out the picking list according to the content ordered by the customers, and then hand it to the pickers to find out the items that should be picked from the warehouse one by one according to the content of the picking list. Besides the instructions of the picking list, what of the pickers also need to rely on is the picker’s familiarity with the overall warehouse environment and the memory of the placement of the goods, or the knowledge of the picking attributes of the goods and so on. Based on this traditional process, it is difficult to reduce the picking error rate, the productivity cannot be improved, the training and proficiency of the pickers are required for a long time, the overall operation method lacks flexibility in response to changes in the system capacity, and the related costs derived therefrom are high.

The pick to light system uses a set of electronic equipment installed on the shelf position, controlled by computer and software, and uses LED light and digital displays as auxiliary tools to guide the pickers to correctly, quickly and easily complete the picking jobs. Pick to light system can flexibly control the picking process and monitor the picking status in real time. It can also reduce the picking error rate, increase the productivity, avoid the inconvenience and waste of paper works, and save labor cost. Pick to light system can let pickers enjoy the picking jobs.

Picking strategy

The general picking strategies can be divided into two types: order picking and batch picking. The order picking strategy is based on the content of the customer’s order, taking an order as a unit to carry out the picking operation. The batch picking strategy is to consolidate a certain quantity of orders into a batch of orders, and then pick the total amount of items that should be picked based on the batch data. After the picking is completed, then sort the items according to the ordering customer.

Pick-by-Light System

The pick by light system is mainly used to assist when adopting the order picking strategy: the light module installed on the shelf corresponds to a storage item, and the picker only needs to go to the designated location according to the turn ON light. According to the quantity displayed on the light’s display, take the same quantity of goods from the shelf and put into carrier/container corresponding to the customer’s order, and then push the confirmation button to complete the picking operation of the item. Based on this operation flow, the pickers can completely rely on the operation instructions of the light modules to guide them to easily and quickly complete the picking operation of all items for order.

Picking Carts

Picking carts are the mobile equipment which is used to apply in the warehouse/DC or manufacturing facilities to allow pickers to pick multiple orders at the same time. The simultaneous picking of multiple orders onto one picking cart significantly accelerates the process and also optimize the productivity by minimizing the total traveling distance. More than that, picking carts solution also increase the picking accuracy via the barcode scanning and pick to light assistance.

Basic scenario

  1. The operator is directed to a stock location by an illuminated Directional device or the instruction of IPC on cart).
  2. The picker scans a barcode at that location.
  3. The operator picks the item from the location.
  4. The Put-to-Light device on the cart illuminates to show which tote the item should be placed in.
  5. Picker acknowledges the pick by pushing the device button.

Put-by-light System

The Put by Light system is mainly used to assist in the secondary sorting when adopting the batch picking strategy. Each light module installed on the shelf corresponds to one customer, and the pickers will scan the item’s barcode, and then according to the instructions of the Light module and displayed quantity, take the same quantity of goods and sort into the carton corresponding to the ordering customer.

Pick and sort system

This operation mode is when adopting batch picking operation. After the total amount of items is picked, then do the sortation to each order immediately relying on the assistance of the light modules’ indication. Such as the picking cart operation or the horizontal carousel.

Horizontal carousel

With pick tags and horizontal carousels, the batch picking operation is carried out, which achieves the most labor-saving and space-saving, high-efficiency picking operation mode.

Picking cart operation

When the pick tags go with picking carts, the computer will display the messages to guide pickers to carry out the batch picking operation. After picking the total amount of a certain item, it will control the pick tag to display the correct classification information of the item to achieve the pick and sort operation.

Automated Packing

NEPTEK PARTNER WITH SAVOYE FOR AUTOMATED PACKING MACHINES. Packing machines for improved productivity and customer service.

Automate your traditionally manual packaging processes and increase your productivity and the reliability of operations to ensure improved overall responsiveness.

Automating traditionally manual packaging processes improves productivity and the reliability of operations to ensure improved overall responsiveness. At the same time, the perceived value of packaging is a key aspect of the customer experience. This is why any such automation must be accompanied by concrete responses in terms of protecting and securing parcels, as well as adapting the size of packaging to that of the products ordered.

The SAVOYE range of packing machines allows the entire process to be automated, from forming boxes to closing them, including wedging fragile products and adapting the height of boxes to the volume of products transported.


Forming parcels

Parcels, which are automatically formed from flat blanks, are initiated and associated with an order.

Wedging products

For optimum protection during transport, products can be wedged in the parcel.

Adaptation of parcels to the volume

Adapting the height of parcels to products reduces the empty space transported.


The automatic addition of a lid guarantees that parcels are tamper-proof and makes customer returns easier.


Your parcels are smaller and customized

The JIVARO® range ensures effective, high quality packaging in response to the issue of cost/volume shipped. It is 100 % automatic and significantly reduces shipping and labour costs. By opting for JIVARO®, you can save up to 50 % on the volume shipped and make use of reliable, cost-effective and ecological technology, which even allows you to customize your parcels.

Enhance your brand image with high quality packaging.

Customized parcels tailored to the products shipped

We have all had the experience of receiving parcels that are far too large for the product ordered. Disappointing isn’t it? Our range of JIVARO® machines provide a concrete and effective response to this issue. Adapting the height of parcels to the products they contain allows the smallest possible volume to be shipped to the customer. With JIVARO®, you benefit from the best possible cost/volume shipped ratio and an improved response to the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions, a criterion of which your customers are certainly acutely aware.


A suitable format for letter boxes

Designed entirely for e-commerce packaging, the E-JIVARO machine can reduce the height by up to 25mm, for parcels that are similar to an A5 format.


Integrated printing offering endless possibilities

Particularly well-suited to multi-brand logistics operations and all companies seeking to customize parcels for each customer, the JIVARO® PRINT module enables customized lids to be printed for each brand or customer. When customized like this, these parcels actively improve the quality of the customer experience and your brand image.


Customisation of your parcels: up to 4 different lids

The multi-store module allows between 2 and 4 different pre-printed lids to be added, thereby fulfilling the multi-brand requirements of your logistics platform.

The benefits of Jivaro machines


Enhancing your company's eco-friendly image for the end customer.

Control of transport costs

A saving of up to 50% on the volumes shipped.

An all-in-one solution

A compact solution with integrated lidding.


Using pre-printed lids or instant printing on the parcel.

Automated Scanning, Weighing & Dimensioning Systems

NEPTEK, together with our controls partner UNILECSA, fully integrate automatic scanning, weighing and dimensioning (volumising) technology into our conveyor and sortation systems.

NEPTEK and UNILECSA’s in-house developed data capturing and visualisation software can process the bar code information together with the weights and dims. We then log this data for our clients for tracking or customer billing purposes. By scanning our clients barcodes we can also gather information from their IT network, WMS or Freight Management Software to route or sort product to specific destinations on the conveyor or sortation system.

NEPTEK use industry leading technology from SICK, COGNEX and BIZERBA.

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate, high-speed scanning
  • Record images of labels and scanned items
  • Estimated shipping costs
  • Optimised storage density
  • Track registered goods
  • Route and sort products efficiently
  • Recover lost revenue
  • Eliminate manual dimensioning
  • Full track and traceability throughout the conveyor or sortation system

Automated Sortation Systems

The last mile delivery of parcels from a distribution warehouse or order fulfilment centre ultimately measures the level of productivity of that operation. The quicker the stock can be picked, packed, sorted, dispatched and delivered the more revenue can be generated for the client.

A well-engineered sortation solution is fundamental for the distribution process when volumes start reaching more than 2000 totes, boxes, or parcels per hour. Careful consideration must be taken when inducting items onto the sorter and this has a big effect on the overall performance of the system.

The items to be handled and the sortation capacity required defines the type of sortation technology to be implemented. NEPTEK supplies the following sortation technology depending on the application:

  • Pop-up Belt Cross Transfer – Totes or boxes up to 1000 pcs/hour.
  • Switch Wheel Divert – Totes, boxes, or parcels up to 3500 pcs/hour.
  • Sliding Shoe Sorter – Totes or boxes up to 6000 pcs/hour.
  • Cross Belt Sorter – Totes, boxes, parcels or flyer bags up to 12000 pcs/hour.
  • Bombay Sorter – Garments, small parcels, flyer bags up to 15000 pcs/hour.
  • AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) – Garments, totes, boxes, parcels, or flyer bags up to 10000 pcs/hour.

Included in our sortation systems NEPTEK integrate the following technology:

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Inspection Systems (Camera, Scanning, Weighing, and Dimensioning)
  • Vehicle/Truck Loading Systems

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs by automating the sorting process.
  • Better handling results in little or no damage to products.
  • High efficiency and overall productivity.
  • No mis-sorts preventing customer claims.
  • Traceability to the dispatch chutes.
  • Quiet.
  • Low maintenance.

Improve your Warehouse Efficiency: Automate

NEPTEK supply and integrate automated materials handling systems for warehousing and distribution centres. Our main markets are:

  • Automotive Spare Parts
  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Food
  • E-Commerce
  • 3PL
  • Healthcare
  • Cultural Products and Leisure
  • Perfumes and Cosmetics
  • Retail (FMCG).


Our warehouse control software (WCS) is developed and supported internally and can interface with most WMS platforms. NEPTEK have partnered with SAVOYE, a global logistics automation company who design and integrate a comprehensive range of innovative warehouse automation technology.

Included in this partnership NEPTEK is an integration partner for the SAVOYE ODATIO WMS/TMS (Warehouse and Transport Management Software). ODATIO is a fully modular, scalable, cloud access solution that has been developed over the last 30 years.

Today’s SUPPLY CHAIN must continuously evolve to meet the “supply and demand’’ challenges it faces.

The exponential growth in online buying over recent years has had a major impact in redefining the supply chain industry.

With a click of a button consumers order goods online and expect delivery immediately or within days.

Orders been picked into small size boxes, with a few items, and then last mile delivery in small delivery vehicles in the shortest time possible is becoming the new norm!

Retailers now find they must process and fulfil customer orders inside their distribution centres or use third party logistics (3PL’s) to provide this service.

E-commerce and 3PL’s must carry a wide range of inventory, or stock keeping units (SKU’s), and make sure they manage the stock effectively, fulfil the customer orders quickly and deliver speedily.  

NEPTEK by listening to our clients and understanding the challenges they face inside their warehouse can evaluate and ascertain what measures need to be taken to improve their materials flow.

Mechanisation and automation inside a warehouse, distribution centre or order fulfilment centre is becoming a necessity to keep up with volume and demand growth. At some point doing everything manually is just not efficient or even possible anymore.  Operating costs increase when additional labour and shift work is required to meet the growth or peak demands, and this is also when errors occur which comes out of bottom-line profits.   

In South Africa or on the African Continent as a whole, making the move to high level automation needs careful consideration keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Introducing mechanisation or automation where everything is done manually and then getting operations to buy into the technology.
  • The cost to implement automation and realising a quick return on investment on the capital outlay.
  • Operator skill levels to work with or alongside the mechanisation or automation.
  • Ownership. Managing, operating, and taking care of the technology assets.

Why automate:

  • Improved materials flow by reducing constraints in the process.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by up to 100% by processing and moving orders quicker.
  • Reduce double handling through mechanisation and automation.
  • Remove mundane tasks so that personal are more efficient and enjoy their jobs.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks by identifying what is holding up the process and engineering a solution around this.
  • Better ergonomics by bringing the goods to a workable height.
  • Prevent operator errors and incorrect picks to reduce customer claims.
  • Traceability through our warehouse control system feeding back to the WMS.
  • Handle peak demands by having spare capacity in the system.
  • Capacity to handle more business (more volume) and future growth.


NEPTEK have successfully implemented automated materials handling systems to the following industries and in some instances realised improved efficiencies of up to 100%:

  • Fragrances and cosmetics
  • Décor and homeware
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • 3PL
  • Automotive Spare Parts
  • Fashion and apparel
  • Food
  • Parts distribution
  • FMCG

NEPTEK supply and integrate the following range of materials handling solutions for receiving, replenishing, storing, picking, packing, sorting and dispatching inside of a warehouse, distribution centre or order fulfilment centre:

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Automatic Sortation Systems
  • Automated Pallet Storage/Retrieval Shuttle Systems (SAVOYE MAGMATIC)
  • Automated Tote/Case Picking Shuttle Systems (SAVOYE X-PTS)
  • Goods-To-Person Stations (X-PTS Pick Station)
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
  • Pick-To-Light and Put-To-Light Systems
  • Pallet and Case Live Storage Systems
  • Automated Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning (SWAD) Systems
  • Automated Packing Machinery (SAVOTE JIVARO AND E-JIVARO)
  • Automated Labelling Systems
  • Automated Robotic Palletising and De-Palletising Systems
  • Pallet Conveyor Systems
  • Truck Loading Conveyor Systems
  • ULD Handling Systems – Airline Containers
  • Workstations and Mobile Equipment
  • Warehouse and Transport Management System (SAVOYE ODATIO WMS/TMS)
  • Warehouse Control/Executions System (WCS/WES)

NEPTEK your partner of choice for professionally engineered and well-executed Automated Warehouse Solutions.