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Warehouse Automation

Neptek has supplied warehouse automation systems to Airports, E-Commerce, Parcel Express, Parts Distribution, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Clothing and Retail.

Focusing on automated storage/retrieval systems, picking systems, conveyor systems, scanning, weighing/ dimensioning and sortation systems.

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Improve your Warehouse Efficiency: Automate

NEPTEK supply and integrate automated materials handling systems for warehousing and distribution centres. Our main markets are:

  • Automotive Spare Parts
  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Food
  • E-Commerce
  • 3PL
  • Healthcare
  • Cultural Products and Leisure
  • Perfumes and Cosmetics
  • Retail (FMCG).


Our warehouse control software (WCS) is developed and supported internally and can interface with most WMS platforms. NEPTEK have partnered with SAVOYE, a global logistics automation company who design and integrate a comprehensive range of innovative warehouse automation technology.

Included in this partnership NEPTEK is an integration partner for the SAVOYE ODATIO WMS/TMS (Warehouse and Transport Management Software). ODATIO is a fully modular, scalable, cloud access solution that has been developed over the last 30 years.

Today’s SUPPLY CHAIN must continuously evolve to meet the “supply and demand’’ challenges it faces.

The exponential growth in online buying over recent years has had a major impact in redefining the supply chain industry.

With a click of a button consumers order goods online and expect delivery immediately or within days.

Orders been picked into small size boxes, with a few items, and then last mile delivery in small delivery vehicles in the shortest time possible is becoming the new norm!

Retailers now find they must process and fulfil customer orders inside their distribution centres or use third party logistics (3PL’s) to provide this service.

E-commerce and 3PL’s must carry a wide range of inventory, or stock keeping units (SKU’s), and make sure they manage the stock effectively, fulfil the customer orders quickly and deliver speedily.  

NEPTEK by listening to our clients and understanding the challenges they face inside their warehouse can evaluate and ascertain what measures need to be taken to improve their materials flow.

Mechanisation and automation inside a warehouse, distribution centre or order fulfilment centre is becoming a necessity to keep up with volume and demand growth. At some point doing everything manually is just not efficient or even possible anymore.  Operating costs increase when additional labour and shift work is required to meet the growth or peak demands, and this is also when errors occur which comes out of bottom-line profits.   

In South Africa or on the African Continent as a whole, making the move to high level automation needs careful consideration keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Introducing mechanisation or automation where everything is done manually and then getting operations to buy into the technology.
  • The cost to implement automation and realising a quick return on investment on the capital outlay.
  • Operator skill levels to work with or alongside the mechanisation or automation.
  • Ownership. Managing, operating, and taking care of the technology assets.

Why automate:

  • Improved materials flow by reducing constraints in the process.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by up to 100% by processing and moving orders quicker.
  • Reduce double handling through mechanisation and automation.
  • Remove mundane tasks so that personal are more efficient and enjoy their jobs.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks by identifying what is holding up the process and engineering a solution around this.
  • Better ergonomics by bringing the goods to a workable height.
  • Prevent operator errors and incorrect picks to reduce customer claims.
  • Traceability through our warehouse control system feeding back to the WMS.
  • Handle peak demands by having spare capacity in the system.
  • Capacity to handle more business (more volume) and future growth.


NEPTEK have successfully implemented automated materials handling systems to the following industries and in some instances realised improved efficiencies of up to 100%:

  • Fragrances and cosmetics
  • Décor and homeware
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • 3PL
  • Automotive Spare Parts
  • Fashion and apparel
  • Food
  • Parts distribution
  • FMCG

NEPTEK supply and integrate the following range of materials handling solutions for receiving, replenishing, storing, picking, packing, sorting and dispatching inside of a warehouse, distribution centre or order fulfilment centre:

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Automatic Sortation Systems
  • Automated Pallet Storage/Retrieval Shuttle Systems (SAVOYE MAGMATIC)
  • Automated Tote/Case Picking Shuttle Systems (SAVOYE X-PTS)
  • Goods-To-Person Stations (X-PTS Pick Station)
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
  • Pick-To-Light and Put-To-Light Systems
  • Pallet and Case Live Storage Systems
  • Automated Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning (SWAD) Systems
  • Automated Packing Machinery (SAVOTE JIVARO AND E-JIVARO)
  • Automated Labelling Systems
  • Automated Robotic Palletising and De-Palletising Systems
  • Pallet Conveyor Systems
  • Truck Loading Conveyor Systems
  • ULD Handling Systems – Airline Containers
  • Workstations and Mobile Equipment
  • Warehouse and Transport Management System (SAVOYE ODATIO WMS/TMS)
  • Warehouse Control/Executions System (WCS/WES)

NEPTEK your partner of choice for professionally engineered and well-executed Automated Warehouse Solutions.