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Pharmaceutical Distribution Centre Conveyor System

January 2016 – NEPTEK supply TRANSPHARM, which is the medical distributor for the SHOPRITE GROUP with a fully automated conveyor system to transport tote bins and cartons from various picking areas to the packing area and then from the packing area to dispatch. The system also included a conveyor line to return the empty tote bins back to the picking area. To allow for access between the different picking areas the conveyor system inclines up runs overhead and then declines back down to the packing area. All merge onto the mainline from the different picking lines are controlled via a SIEMENS PLC giving totes and cartons on the mainline right of way.

The system is made up of line-shaft driven roller conveyors, incline and decline belt conveyors, 45°/90° driven tapered roller curves and 45° zero pressure-driven roller conveyor merges. The client indicated that after implementing the new conveyor system supplied by NEPTEK they were able to process orders 30% faster than before through the warehouse.

Conveyor System - Trans Pharm