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SAVOYE Partnership


SAVOYE have signed a partnership agreement with NEPTEK for their ODATIO WAREHOUSE AND TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.

This is in addition to the agreement NEPTEK signed in 2018 with SAVOYE to distribute their JIVARO PACKING MACHINERY in South Africa.

NEPTEK by adding the SAVOYE ODATIO WMS/TMS software to our portfolio is now able to offer our clients the complete automated warehouse solution. This gives our clients one port of call and ensures seamless integration of the warehouse management software with the machine control.

SAVOYE WMS (Warehouse Management System) solutions aim to manage and optimise all the logistics processes of a distribution platform, whether simple or complex, automated or manual. These solutions offer intricate functional coverage, the result of more than 30 years of warehouse management and support for our customers in various sectors of distribution, logistics service providers and manufacturing.

WMS solution provides a complete view of your stock in real-time while optimising the space and organization of your warehouse. This solution offers a wide variety of processes that guarantee the optimisation, reliability and speed of your order preparation, to satisfy the ever-shortening delivery promises to your customers. It will help you control your logistics costs, manage your resources and give you agility when faced with change.

SAVOYE offer different WMS solutions depending on whether they are addressing an SME with an initial WMS project or a large and highly automated logistics site. 


Full, modular, and scalable suite, ODATiO equips many logistics sites across extremely varied trades and business domains. It is based on extensive functional coverage and highly flexible configuration options to support you in your quest for productivity, service quality, traceability and optimization of warehouse resources. The ODATiO solution is particularly suitable for retail logistic contexts. 


    Highly customised workflows and business rules to be permanently aligned to your business model
    30 years of experience in the design and creation of software solutions
    Natively in the Cloud, this solution brings together automated, robotic and AI systems along with Machine Learning and is available is SaaS or On-Premise mode
    ODATiO has been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute in the category Warehouse Management System
    An improved service rate thanks to a large flow synchronisation capacity
    Gradual activation of functional modules
    Complete governance of your activity thanks to a dedicated dashboard
    A solution that is constantly improving thanks to updates and new features

NEPTEK by signing this partnership agreement now has access to other advanced technologies from SAVOYE that includes their X-PTS SHUTTLE SYSTEM, MAGMATIC AUTOMATED PALLET STORAGE SYSTEM amongst many other innovative solutions.