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Infanta Foods

JEHMLICH in partnership with NEPTEK designed, manufactured and supplied their REKORD PIN MILL to INFANTA FOODS, a leading supplier of quality bakery ingredients, so that they can convert white crystal sugar and starch to icing sugar.

The REKORD C-SST Icing Sugar Mill with an output capacity of 2000 Kg’s per hour has the following unique features:

Very fine icing sugar (with 3% starch) product with 95% of mass < 50 microns.

✓ Icing sugar particle size freely adjustable by rotor speed.

✓ Icing sugar production volume can be set from actual needs to a maximum of 2000 kg/h.

✓ Integrated 200 liters icing sugar buffer container with agitation system.

✓ Mill drive: energy-efficient IE3 mill motor.

✓ Dust-free operation through under pressure in the running system.

✓ Secured system certified and in full compliance with:

− European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU

− European ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

− European Directive for foodstuff manufacturing machines EGV 1935/2004

✓ Long standing, well proven system with low maintenance requirements.

✓ Layout for installation in ATEX dust explosion zone 22.

✓ Lifetime spare parts availability.

✓ Standard 12 months warranty extendable to 24 months.

✓ JEHMLICH remote service by teleservice adapter for assistance and optimal operation.

NEPTEK engineers supported JEHMLICH throughout the project lifecycle and NEPTEK technicians were part of the installation and commissioning and will provide local after sales support to INFANTA on the JEHMLICH mill.

JEHMLICH specialising in industrial milling technology for over 100 years.