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On The Dot/Media 24 Logistics

Media 24 Logistics (On The Dot)

October 2022

South Africa’s largest multichannel media logistics company, Media 24 Logistics (Previously named On The Dot), trusted NEPTEK for the automation of their new flagship order fulfilment and distribution centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Media 24 Logistics embarked on this journey with NEPTEK two years ago when they realised that to maintain service levels with their clients, they had to construct a new automated facility to achieve current and future growth.

NEPTEK, working together with the MEDIA 24 LOGISTICS stake holders and engineering team, then set out in engineering and designing an automated replenishment and picking solution using the latest conveyor technology for their new building. The goal was to improve operating efficiencies by speeding up the replenishment, picking and consolidation processes through streamlining the materials flow and eliminating double and triple handling wherever possible.

The system NEPTEK supplied consisted of the following technology:

    • Dockless Truck Un-Loading Telescopic Conveyor;
    • In-feed conveyor line;
    • In-line weighing scale.
    • Takeaway conveyor line for tote bins from decanting stations;
    • Waste belt conveyor line to recycling waste area.
    • Tote in-feed conveyor line with automatic scanning;
    • Mult-level reciprocating conveyor lift;
    • Multi-level conveyor system with automatic diverts to replenishment lanes.
    • Multi-level tote picking conveyors from the picking lanes;
    • Automatic merging onto mezzanine take-away conveyor lines;
    • Spiral decline to consolidation area.
    • Tote conveyor line with automatic diverts to consolidation put walls;
    • Put-to-Light shelving system;
    • Out-feed conveyor line to packing
    • Infeed tote conveyor line with automatic divert to packing stations;
    • Outfeed parcel/box conveyor line from packing stations to dispatch.
    • Decline belt conveyors to ground floor dispatch area;
    • Outbound parcel/box conveyor line;
    • In-line scanning, weighing and dimensioning;
    • Automatic reject system to QC station;
    • Auditing conveyor line;
    • Dispatch conveyor line to courier cages.
    • Warehouse control system that interfaces with the clients WMS;
    • Die back line control;
    • Automatic merging and diverts;
    • Routing to different floors, replenishment, picking and consolidation zones;
    • Consolidation wall put-to-light system;
    • Automatic capturing of parcel images, weights and dimensions.

Given a tight timeline of under one year and a strict budget to work within NEPTEK achieved this mammoth task together with MEDIA 24 LOGISTICS and their other contractors and suppliers. The system is now live and operational in time for MEDIA 24 LOGISTICS to fulfil the commitments they made to their clients to maintain and improve their level of service.