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City Logistics

City Logistics,  a leading retail logistics company in South Africa, is in the process of automating several of their sites to increase throughput and improve efficiencies.

City Logistics and NEPTEK worked on a best fit solution for one of their high-volume distribution centres in Centurion. In October of 2021 CITY LOGISTICS appointed NEPTEK to purchase, strip out and repurpose a used sliding shoe sorter for installation in Centurion. This provided a low cost, highly efficient automation solution.

NEPTEK then proceeded in engineering a solution around the existing sorter for CITY LOGISTICS DC with new infeed conveyors, scanning/weighing/dimensioning, and a new updated control system.

In February 2022, NEPTEK went about stripping out the  sorter, destination chutes and infeed conveyors from the old site and moving it to the CITY LOGISTICS DC site in Centurion.

The installation of the new equipment and the refurbished sliding shoe sorter commenced in May 2022. Testing and commissioning of the system took place in August 2022 and the system was able to go live before the end of September 2022.

NEPTEK can proudly say that this project was on time, within budget and met all of CITY LOGISTICS expectations.

Thank you, CITY LOGISTICS, for entrusting NEPTEK with this project and a big thank you to all our suppliers and contractors involved in this project.