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Vaccine Packing Line

May 2016 – NEPTEK supply BIOVAC in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa with new packing line for medical vaccines. The new packing line is completely constructed using stainless steel material to meet medical hygienic standards. The system consists of a picking shelf for vaccine syringes, vials and paper inserts where the packers pick from this replenishment shelf directly into a pre-erected carton running on a plastic chain conveyor.

The erected empty cartons with barcodes are scanned automatically using a SICK 2D barcode scanner at the start of the conveyor line before packing, if not within the required specification they are automatically rejected by a pneumatic reject pusher.

The paper inserts when picked are also scanned using a SICK 2D bar code scanner to scan the 2D image on the paper insert to ensure it is the correct insert to match the carton and contents. After packing the carton is closed and sealed manually and placed back on the conveyor line to run through an automatic in-line MARKEM IMAJE ink-jet coding unit that prints batch code and date on the carton. A SICK OCV vision sensor checks to see the carton is printed and if not the carton is rejected automatically by a pneumatic pusher unit from the conveyor.

Once printed and checked the carton runs from the conveyor onto an accumulation table where the carton is weighed using a METTLER TOLEDO scale unit to verify the contents are in the carton by matching the theoretical mass. The complete system is controlled from an HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen through a SIEMENS PLC.

NEPTEK supplied all the equipment as a complete integrated line taking responsibility for a complete functional solution. The benefit to the client was fully integrated solution meeting all the required quality control measures, packing ergonomics and production volumes.