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Automatic Bagging And Palletising Line

June 2016 – NEPTEK supply WESTWEIGH SYSTEMS in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa with conveyor equipment for their automated bagging and palletising lines to the maize and flour industry. WESTWEIGH SYSTEMS integrate automatic open mouth bagging machines from

PREMIER TECH CHRONOS in the Netherlands, FUJI palletising robots from Japan and NEPTEK conveyor equipment to form a complete automated line for the packing and palletising of 12,5kg, 25kg and 50kg bags of maize meal. The conveyor equipment NEPTEK supply to WESTWEIGH SYSTEMS includes bag turning, incline bag flattening and zero pressure accumulation belt conveyors.

NEPTEK also supply the pick-off conveyor for the robot gripper, empty pallet dispensing magazine, pallet chain and pallet roller conveyors. NEPTEK supplied four other identical conveyor lines to WESTWEIGH in 2016 and is proud to be associated with a South African company integrating world-class automated solutions.